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Catherine King Works in Stylish Modiste's as a Beginner; Little Pay for a Year's Work; Fixes Society Woman's Gown at Redfern's and Sews with the Tired Workers
Catherine King
Catherine King goes on to her third day of trying different jobs. Today she is a dressmaker.
Nellie Bly in Short Gauze Skirts Kicks at a Mark
Nellie Bly
Nellie Bly Too Sharp for Island Doctors; Nine Days in Calico; The Sun Finishes Up Its Story of the 'Pretty Crazy Girl'
The New York Sun attempts to steal a march on the New York World's scoop after Nellie Bly's ten-days in the women's lunatic asylum on Blackwell's Island.
"She Has Herself Arrested to Gain Entrance to a Station-House"
Nellie Bly
Bly gets herself arrested to experience life for a woman in jail.
Nellie Bly Spends the Two Hottest Days of the Year in the Largest "Double Decker" in Town; 3,532 People in the Block; One Family Occupying Only Three Rooms Have Eight Boarders and Lodgers; Sleeping on the Fire-Escapes; No Scenes of Disturbance or DIsorder Among the Throngs of Over-Crowded Tenants; Strange Phases of Life in a Big City; An Interesting Chat with the Janitress of the Big Double-Decker Tenement House
Nellie Bly
Bly spends the hottest nights of the year in New York's biggest tenement apartment.
"Nellie Bly Makes a Test of the Private Spy Nuisance"
Nellie Bly
She Wears a Scant Costume; Marches with the Amazons
Nellie Bly
Bly writes about her turn on the stage as a member of the dancing chorus line for "The Amazon March."
Nellie Bly Tells How It Feels to Be a White Slave; She Tries Her Hand at Making Paper Boxes; Difficulty in Getting a Job; Most Work Two Weeks for Nothing; After One Learns the Trade It Is Hard to Earn a Living; A Fair Picture of the Work
Nellie Bly
Nellie Bly's Strange Experience at a Noted Matrimonial Agency
Nellie Bly
Bly tours New York's matrimonial agencies in ostensible search of a husband.
Hundreds and Hundreds of Little Ones Given Away Yearly; Met the Petted Darlings of the Rich, But the Infants Born to Shame; These Are the Ones That Are Given to Alien Hand; Regular Traffic in New-Born Babes; A Money-Making Trade in Humanity 'th
Nellie Bly
Bly poses as a woman in pursuit of a baby to buy in an exposé of the baby-buying trade.
II - "Nellie Bly's Experience in the Blackwell's Island Asylum; Continuation of the Story of Ten Days with Lunatics; How the City's Unfortunate Wards Are Fed and Treated; The Terrors of Cold Baths and Cruel, Unsympathetic Nurses; Attendants Who Harass and Abuse Patients and Laugh at Their Miseries"
Nellie Bly
Part II of Bly's report on her 10 days incarcerated in the women's lunatic asylum on Blackwell's Island.
The Mystery of the Unknown Insane Girl; Remarkable Story of the Successful Impersonation of Insanity; How Nellie Brown Deceived Judges, Reporters and Medical Experts; She Tells Her Story of How She Passed at Bellevue Hospital; Studying the Role of Insanity Before Her Mirror and Practicing It at the Temporary Home for Women; Arrested and Brought Before Judge Duffy; He Declares She is Some Mother's Darling and Resembles His Sister; Committed to the Care of the Physicians for the Insane at Bellevue; Experts Declare Her Demented; Harsh Treatment of the Insane at Bellevue; "Charity Patients Should Not Complain"; Vivid Pictures of Hospital Life; How Our Esteemed Contemporaries Have Followed a False Trail; Some Needed LIght Afforded Them; Chapters of Absorbing Interest in the Experience of a Feminine "Amateur Casual."
Nellie Bly
The first in Bly's two-part series on her experiences incarcerated for 10 days in the women's lunatic asylum on Blackwell's Island.
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