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The Grand Jury Reports on Abuses at Blackwell's Island Asylum; Its Eyes Opened by THE WORLD's Account of the Horrors of the Place - Condemning the Junior Physicians and the Nurses as Incompetent - Recommending the Employment of Female Doctors
Nellie Bly's Story Has ... Impression on Commissioners
Nellie Bly Contradicts a Recent Article in The Sun; She Gives Many Additional Facts About Her Remarkable Sojourn on Blackwell's Island; More Praise for Dr. Ingram; He Is the Right Man in the Right Place; The Other Doctors Heartless and Careless
Nellie Bly
Frank Sutherland
The second piece in Sutherland's series on Central State Psychiatric Hospital, based on a month spent undercover as a patient there.
Freedom! Reporter Leaves Kankakee
Frank Smith
In the tenth and final story about his week spent undercover at Illinois' Kankakee psychiatric hospital, Frank Smith goes through the process of getting released and butts heads with his psychiatrist Dr. Sullivan, who wants him to stay longer.
Water Perils Inmates at Kankakee
Frank Smith
In this ninth, and second to last, installment of the Times' "Seven Days in a Madhouse" series, Frank Smith details the hospital's unsanitary water supply and begins to hope for his timely discharge.
Reporter's Experience at Kankakee
Frank Smith
This is the first article in the "Seven Days in the Madhouse!" series by Chicago Daily Times reporter Frank Smith. In it, Smith describes how he gained admittance to the hospital and how he pretended to be violent in order to experience "hydrotherapy."
Frightened Youngsters Put In With Depraved
Michael Mok
In the ninth and final installment of his "I Was a Mental Patient" series, Mok summarizes what he believes to be the most glaring problems with Kings County psychiatric division, primarily the lack of segregation among its patients.
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