Nick Clegg will push David Cameron to deliver on promise for reform
Brian Brady
Paul Cahalan
Due to Prime Minister Patrick Mercer being exposed lobbying by undercover reporters more politicians have been included in the scandal.
BBC Panorama set up secret filming of Newark MP Patrick Mercer signing a contract with a fake lobbying company accepting £4,000 to lobby for business interests in Fiji.
Edward R. Phelps Caught in a Neatly Laid Trap; Nellie Bly's Interesting Experience in Albany; How the Lobby King Contracts to Kill Bills for Cash; Dealing with Legislators as with Purchasable Chattels; Phelps Furnishes 'The World' with a List of Assembly Commissioners Who Are Bribable; His Agreement to Kill Assembly Bill No. 191 for $5,000; Afterwards Concludes to Take Less; The Check to Be Made Out to His Side Partner, J.W. Chesbrough; "I Have Control of the House and Can Pass or Kill Any Bill"; A Revelation of Baseness that Should Fill the State with Indignation; The Watch Here
Nellie Bly
Bly's expose of Albany's Lobby King, Edward Phelps, by posing as a prospective client who, on behalf of her husband's business, wanted to get a bill killed.
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