investigative reporting

Eric Schocket
Eric Schocket collects what he believes are the best examples of undercover investigations since the depression to the 1990s.
Orla Guerin
BBC News reporter, Orla Guerin, spent five days undercover in Syria investigating the Kurdish taking ownership of many parts of Syria.
Cameron McWhirter
Mike Gallagher
Investigative reporters, Cameron McWhirter and Mike Gallagher expose Chiquita Brand in a series stemmed from voice mail messages from the brand.
Evan Osnos
In this Pulitzer Prize winning series, Chicago Tribune staff writers expose the issues airlines face.
Second of Task Force series on financial waste in county government.
Tom Fiedler
The Herald answers the questions regarding their stories published about Gary Hart.
Heath Meriwether
The morality of Gary Hart is questioned as a presidential candidate.
Pamela Zekman
William Gaines
Governor Walker is being urged to sign a legislation to put certain debt collection agencies out of business.
Lucy Morgan
Jack Reed
Jack Reed and Lucy Morgan reveal how Sheriff John M. Short takes advantage of his position as Sheriff.
New sheriff is old hand at filling in
Lucy Morgan
A new sheriff takes the place of John M. Short, who is suspended due to fraud.
High School Athletes Used to Pump Up College Funds
Marla Jo Fisher
Reporter Marla Jo Fisher went undercover to investigate the hoax of college students receiving credits for classes they never took, so that community colleges could get more state funding.
A Tale of Street People
Dick J. Reavis
Dick J. Reavis goes undercover to report about how winos live and being homeless.
The National Enquirer got confirmation from John Edwards about his affair with Rielle Hunter.
Ginger Thompson
Sandra Ochoa
Reporters investigate the illegal smuggling of people from Ecuador to the United States.
Lisa Fletcher
KNXV-TV Phoenix reporter Lisa Fletcher and her staff went undercover at Phoenix Sky Harbor International Airport to expose the lack of security within the airport.
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