investigative journalism

Lindsey Reiser
Investigative reporter Lindsey Reiser goes undercover to expose certain yerberias in Arizona that are illegal distributors of contraceptives.
My brief, breathtaking, rage-inducing, low-paying, dildo-packing time inside the only online-shipping machine.
Mac McClelland
Journalist Mac McClelland was asked by his editors to go undercover posing as a warehouse worker at Amalgamated Product Giant Shipping Worldwide Inc., in order to reveal their employee treatment.
Cameron McWhirter
Mike Gallagher
Cameron McWhirter and Mike Gallagher expose Chiquita Brand in a series stemmed from voice mail messages from the brand. They discuss alleged bribery's and tax schemes.
Manic, bankrupt and naive, U.S. TV news producer Stephen Roye went to Thailand in pursuit of a story that he hoped would restore his career. Instead he wound up in an overcrowded, squalid Bangkok prison, where his Hollywood connections carry neight clout nor hope.
Mary A. Fischer
American journalist, Stephen Roye was at a rough time in his career. To try and turn things around, he went to Thailand to write a life changing story. To Roye's surprise, he finds himself in a Bangkok jail.
Joe Strupp
Reporters explain how they exposed Walter Reed Hospital, along with other cases of mistreatment to veterans in the United States.
Mail Investigation Uncovers Financial Firms' Reluctance to Mortgage One-Bed Apartments, Crucial Bottom Rung on the Property Ladder.
Nicola Byrne
An undercover reporter for the Daily Mail posed as a first-time home buyer revealing that banks will not give loans for one bedroom apartments, but will for anything more.
Willem Marx
Willem Marx spends his summer in Iraq, where he experiences journalists going undercover to get a story.
Miami Herald won a service award from the Society of Professional Journalists, Sigma Delta Chi, for its coverage of the Gary Hart affair.
Tom Fiedler
Jim McGee
Gary Hart's personal life is being investigated.
Celia W. Dugger
Celia W. Dugger debates the ethics of the press examining the life of a public figure.
Jim McGee
Tom Fiedler
The Miami Herald investigated Gary Hart's personal life and supposed affair with a Miami woman.
Lucy Morgan
Pasco County Sheriffs destroyed evidence from a murder case that was critical to solving it.
Lucy Morgan
Lucy Morgan reveals that many Pasco County Sheriff employees did not disclose important personal information when hired.
Jack Reed
A garbage company linked to crime rents a building owned by Sheriff John M. Short.
Lucy Morgan
Lucy Morgan explains Sheriff John M. Short's secret investigation.
Byron Harris
Investigative research was done when it was revealed that the Navy was giving fake diplomas to enlistees.
Joel Grover
Joel Grover explains the investigation "Is Your Mechanic Cheating?" which aired on KNBC.
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