Second in a series
Linda Solomon
Carolyn Shoulders
Thousands of Tennesseans are "protected" by industrial insurance accident policies with limitations so narrow that most owners probably will never get back any of the money they have paid companies. It's one of the reasons these policies bring tremendous profits to many of the nation's major insurers.
BBC reporters are undercover in Syria, where reporting is highly restricted.
BBC News explains how reporter Russell Sharp went undercover in the military.
The National Enquirer investigates John Edwards and his affair with Rielle Hunter.
The National Enquirer has released "spy" photographs of John Edwards and his "love child" with mistress Rielle Hunter.
She Inspects the Tightly Laced Young Cadets at Their Military Maneuvers
Nellie Bly
Nellie Bly goes to West Point to "blend" in.
This article takes a look at the investigators employed by the Chicago Board of Election Commissioners and why they failed to undercover any fraud in the March 21st primary elections.
Ronald Yates
William Mullen
The Tribune reports on the reaction of U.S. Attorney Thompson, who announced that his office will investigated all instances of fraud as revealed by The Chicago Tribune Task Force's investigation.
Licenses of 3 Firms Are in Jeopardy
William Jones
Jones continues his coverage of the city's private ambulance firms by reporting on the hearings called as a result of the Tribune's undercover series.
William Jones
An article based on testimony was given during hearings against three ambulance firms called as a result of Tribune's reporting on them.
William Jones
Two firms investigated by the Tribune are decertified for the transportation of elderly people by Medicare officials.
William Jones
Chicago's health commissioner and the Tribune's reporter for an undercover series on the city's private ambulance firms testify before city council.
William Jones
One of the three Chicago private ambulance firms banned from welfare clients in the wake of the Tribune's undercover report is linked to a mob-controlled lending company.
Doctors to Train Attendants
William Jones
Edward Schreiber
A follow-up piece on the reforms planned in the wake of Jones's six-part undercover series on the city's private ambulance firms for the Tribune.
Study Rates Services for Emergencies
William Jones
A study with similar findings to the Tribune's undercover series on Chicago's private ambulance firms recommends increased oversight over the crews and increased rescue units run by the fire department.
William Jones
A follow-up piece to the six-part undercover series on Chicago's private ambulance services. Actions taken as a result of that series were already being reported before the series finished printing.
William Jones
The sixth and final article in the Tribune's series on private ambulance companies in Chicago looks at hospital thefts, vehicle code violations and cost-cutting schemes.
County Welfare Chief Orders Investigation
William Jones
The Tribune's undercover series on Chicago's private ambulance firms results in three companies being banned from welfare cases.
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