John Stanley James
A day investigating the Immigrants' Home n Melbourne - as an immigrant himself.
Megan O'Matz
Immigrants went undercover to investigate the mistreatment of illegal immigrants who were imprisoned for no legitimate reason.
U.S. Families Pay Up to $1,000 to Recover Loved Ones’ Bodies
Mike Goodman
Patt Morrison
Two [LA] Times reporters went to Tijuana posing as a sister and brother searching for a missing cousin. Their purpose was to investigate complaints by Americans who had been obliged to pay bribes of up to $1,000 to recover the bodies or possessions of loved ones who died in Mexico. They were accompanied by a Spanish-speaking San Diego mortuary employee who pretended to be a hired guard. "Within a few hours, after bribing a state police officer and a mortuary attendant, the two reporters were offered - for a price - the body of their 'cousin,' an unidentified derelict who had lain unclaimed in a mortuary for 29 days."
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