How Nellie Bly's Work Will Help the City's Insane; Her Stories of the Treatment of Patients on Blackwell's Island Induce the Board of Estimate and Apportionment to Grant More Money to the Charity Commissioners - The Mayor Warns Dr. McDonald
John Irvine
A report on the Army's response to the Post's investigative series at Walter Reed Medical Center.
Task Force Report
Task Force Report
From editor's note: "Thousands of alcoholics every year, most of them on public aid, go thru the alcoholism treatment center at Northeast Community Hospital, a haven for welfare loafers and often a waste of time for patients who seek help. Conditions inside the hospital are described in this last article in a series by Task Force Director Pamela Zekman and reporters Jay Branegan, William Crawford and William Gaines." In order to research this story, reporter William Crawford posed as an alcoholic and was admitted to Northeast Community Hospital for "treatment."
William Crawford Jr.
Tribune Task Force member William Crawford reports that one particular patient at Northeast Community Hospital, an alcoholic, was encouraged by his doctor to visit the hospital when he wasn't feeling well, resulting in six visits to the hospital in six months.
By von Solbrig physician
von Solbrig Physician
The Tribune Task Force reports that one particular doctor at von Solbrig hospital performs a prolific number of tonsillectomies, often on several members of a family at once, in order to receive more welfare income.
Gets welfare cash
Task Force Report
From the editor's note: "A diffuse network of flophouse operators, ambulance companies and a "patient recruiter" help keep the beds filled with public aid patients at Northeast Community Hospital, the city's largest private alcoholic treatment center. In this, the third of a series, Tribune Task Force Director Pamela Zekman and reporters Jay Branegan, William Crawford and William Gaines take a look at the patient recruiting system."
Only 18 of 50 'staff' practice at hospital
Pamela Zekman
Tribune Task Force director Pamela Zekman reports that a significant fraction of the doctors listed in vol Solbrig's staff directory do not actually work there and many have little or no connection to the hospital.
Lives are held in grimy hands
William Gaines
Tribune Task Force reporter William Gaines, who worked as a janitor at von Solbrig Hospital, reports that he is regularly asked by doctors and nurses to help watch or move patients in sterile environments.
Task Force Report
From the editor's note: "Chicago's only for-profit general hospital, von Solbrig Memorial, is one doctor's personal fiefdom where financial shortcuts go hand in hand with unsafe and unsound medical practices. Filth, dangerous understaffing and violations of city and state regulations uncovered there are detailed in this, the first of a series, by Task Force Director Pamela Zekman, and reporters Jay Branegan, William Crawford and William Gaines."
Pamela Zekman
Pamela Warrick
This article takes a look at how dangerous abortions were before they were legalized in 1973.
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