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Students Wary of Principal; Most Teens Shun Drugs at School; But Dealers Are Widely Known and Do Business in the Open
Vivian S. Toy
Part Three of Vivian Toy's report of her sojourn in the guise of a Milwaukee high school student.
A Look at High School in the '80s/ Where There's Smoke: Teenagers Sneak Cigarettes Despite School's Warning/ Grab a Pen, Gid Rid of That Gum - And Don't Be Tardy
Vivian S. Toy
Part Two of Vivian Toy's report on her sojourn in the guise of a Milwaukee high school student.
Shann Nix
brief sidebar indicating the 1992 budget cuts had reduced the amount allotted for books to no more than $5 per student.
"I'm a Reporter - Not a Narc"
Shann Nix
In the final installment of her four-part series, Shann Nix discloses her ruse, perpetrated with the permission of the schools superintendent and principal. Students express a range of emotions, from sorrow that she will no longer be in class to betrayal and loss of trust.
Talking Sex: High Fives for Virgins
Shann Nix
How to Talk Like a Kid
Shann Nix
very brief rundown of current high school slang, including words such as "fresh" and
How California Fell Behind
Shann Nix
Explanation of how California's school system fell precipitously in national ranking in spending per pupil, from 17th in 1978 to 27th in 1985 to 36th in 1992.
Why Chronicle Reporter Posed as a Student
Shann Nix
Chronicle reporter Shann Nix spent one month undercover as a senior at George Washington High School in San Francisco to find out what life is like for students during the educational budget crisis.
In Melting Pot Class, Everyone Hates Quotas
Shann Nix
short sidebar on the quota system
High School - The Social Scene: At a Party, Classmates Ask the New Girl, 'Are You a Narc?'
Shann Nix
How Teachers Battle the Odds; Creative Minds Try to Compensate for a Devastating Budget
Shann Nix
Nix describes her classroom experiences over a month spent as a student undercover in a San Francisco high school for a report in the San Francisco Chronicle. This is part two of her four-part series.
Firsthand Look at an S.F. High School
Shann Nix
More "Undercover Student" letters
More letters to the editor in reaction to The Albuquerque Tribune's recent "Undercover Student" series, which sent 24-year-old reporter Leslie Linthicum to Eldorado High School as a 17-year-old senior for two weeks.
This is a transcript of a TV program called "Stopwatch" with John Andrews, on KGGM-TV, Channel 13, where Eldorado Principal Robert Daugherty discusses The Tribune's recent "Undercover Student" series.
The complete text of a statement released by Eldorado High School principal Robert Daugherty on the "Undercover Student" series by Albuquerque Tribune reporter Leslie Linthicum, who posed as a high school student for two weeks. He accuses Linthicum of betraying the trust of students, teachers and parents.
Christopher Miller
The Albuquerque Board of Education reacts to The Tribune's "Undercover Student" series.
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