A Lady Reporter's Experience in the Shops with the Sewing Serfs. Making Tidies at Sixty Cents a Dozen and Paying Three Dollars for the Privilege
Nell Nelson
The first in Nell Nelson's series based on time undercover in factories employing girls and women in Chicago. The description of the series, printed in the Times, reads: "...These articles are written by a young lady who passed through the common experiences of those unfortunates of her own sex who are compelled to undergo the hardships and tortures of factory life in this city. She tells plainly what she saw and what she heard; gives names and places whenever necessary, and backs up her statements with unquestionable proofs."
Merle Linda Wolin
Wolin, as part of her investigative series on Los Angeles's garment industry, is hired to work in a union shop, posing undercover as a poor undocumented garment worker in Los Angeles.
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