Undercover anthropologist, Nancy Scheper-Hughes exposed a global human organ trafficking business that had been operating for over a decade.
Telegraph Investigation: Councillors across England are offering themselves for hire to property developers who are hoping to take advantage of relaxed planning laws which come into effect within weeks.
Holly Watt
Claire Newell
Ben Bryant
Investigative reporters for The Telegraph reveal that Councillors across England are offering themselves to be employed by property developers for large sums of money.
Manic, bankrupt and naive, U.S. TV news producer Stephen Roye went to Thailand in pursuit of a story that he hoped would restore his career. Instead he wound up in an overcrowded, squalid Bangkok prison, where his Hollywood connections carry neight clout nor hope.
Mary A. Fischer
American journalist, Stephen Roye was at a rough time in his career. To try and turn things around, he went to Thailand to write a life changing story. To Roye's surprise, he finds himself in a Bangkok jail.
Kim Zetter
An NBC reporter brought a hidden camera to DefCon to try and expose an investigation. She ended up being the one exposed.
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