Russ Ptacek
Nadia Pflaum
WUSA 9 investigates an undercover taxi sting to reveal that it involved ten times more violations than the DC Taxi Commission had reported.
Albert Deutsch
Albert Deutsch discusses how conditions have been exposed and if these exposures have been beneficial or harmful to the public.
Foreign workers at an Amazong 'labour camp' near Bad Hersfeld are subject to shocking and inhumane treatment.
Ida Ince
A German television channel went undercover exposing the inhumane and shocking treatment foreign workers endured while being at Amazon's distribution warehouse in central Germany.
Merrill Knox
An undercover producer from WHDH investigates how easy it is to gain access to medical marijuana from clinics in Massachusetts.
Lisa Siregar
Writer Dewi Triana went undercover to try and reveal the secrets of the outlawed Indonesian Islamic State to write her book, "Mengapa Saya Memilih Negara Islam" ("Why I Choose an Islamic State").
Tad Farrell
Tad Farrell's follow-up reaction to David McNeill's front page story of The Independent "Face to Face With the World's Most Repressive Regime."
Ed Sayres
Ed Sayres discusses the "Ag-Gag" bills that will put a stop to undercover exposes of animal abuse or food safety issues.
Douglas Frantz
Aftermath of Cincinnati Enquirers' expose of Chiquita Banana and reporter Mike Gallagher.
Cincinnati Enquirer reporter plead guilty for stealing Chiquita Banana Company's voice mails.
The Cincinnati Enquirers' publisher and editors' apology to Chiquita Brand for their published series exposing false information about their company.
Cameron McWhirter
Cameron McWhirter reveals that two Chiquita Brand stockholders filed lawsuits due to their alleged illegal actions.
Cameron McWhirter
Mike Gallagher
Cameron McWhirter and Mike Gallagher expose Chiquita Brand in a series stemmed from voice mail messages from the brand. They discuss alleged bribery's and tax schemes.
Cameron McWhirter
Mike Gallagher
Investigative reporters, Cameron McWhirter and Mike Gallagher expose Chiquita Brand in a series stemmed from voice mail messages from the brand.
A Meatpacking Firm Is Suing CBS Over a Covert Operation
Lyle Denniston
Geraldo Rivera
Investigative reporter, Geraldo Rivera's exposé documentary of the Willowbrook State School. The exposé revealed gruesome conditions and neglected mentally disabled children. Rivera won a Peabody Award for this documentary.
BBC News explains how reporter Russell Sharp went undercover in the military.
Old friends and longtime aides are wringing their hands over Bill Clinton’s post–White House escapades, from the dubious (and secretive) business associations to the media blowups that have bruised his wife’s campaign, to the private-jetting around with a skirt-chasing, scandal-tinged posse. Some point to Clinton’s medical traumas; others blame sheer selfishness, and the absence of anyone who can say “no.” Exploring Clintonworld, the author asks if the former president will be consumed by his own worst self.
Todd S. Purdum
This is the piece Mayhill Fowler is referring to in her "Bill Clinton: Purdum a 'Sleazy' 'Slimy' 'Scumbag'" piece for Off the Bus.
Nat Caldwell
Follow-up reporting on response to Nat Caldwell's nursing home series in the Nashville Tennessean.
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