In Melting Pot Class, Everyone Hates Quotas
Shann Nix
short sidebar on the quota system
His Remedy for the Great Evil is Preventive, not Curative, and Is Found in Education.
Charles L. Hutchinson
A commentary piece on the City Slave Girls series of stories about the labor conditions for female workers in Chicago's factories. Piece is in the form of interview with Charles L. Hutchinson.
They want Neither Pity, Charity, Nor Tracts but Practical instruction
Nell Nelson
Nell Nelson follows up her undercover reporting on the working conditions for women in Chicago's factories with a critique of the education provided to most children who enter the labor force as teenagers, particular the education provided to girls.
Does the Negro Hate The White Man?
Ray Sprigle
Sprigle, disguised as a black man, talks to southern black community leaders about voting rights and education reform
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