Seow Ting Lee
This article discusses journalistic deception and why it is used.
Walter Goodman
Walter Goodman argues if deceptive practices in journalism are ever justified.
Terry Tang
The use of deception is questioned once again regarding ABC's Food Lion expose.
Bernard W. Bell
Overview of law enforcement and press undercover operations and the—in the eyes of the author—excessive use of deception in our society.
Dave Wendler
Dave Wendler aims to answer the question whether or not deception is ever acceptable.
Larry Alexander
Emily Sherwin
The act of deception is questioned in morality and law by Larry Alexander and Emily Sherwin.
David A. Elder
Neville L. Johnson
Brian A. Rishwain
David A. Elder, Neville L. Johnson and Brian A. Rishwain discuss the domination of the use of hidden cameras in network television news magazines. See footnote p336.
Seow Ting Lee
Seow Ting Lee discusses the role deception plays in journalism and how it is effective.
Many journalists, readers and scholars exhibit confusion concerning the nature and justification of deception.
Deni Elliott
Charles Culver
Deni Elliott and Charles Culver go in depth about what in fact deception is.
Henry McNulty
The Hartford Courant's ombudsman takes issue with the newspaper's highly effective real estate discrimination investigation because of its use of deceptive tactics.
Steve Robinson
Discussion of the brouhaha at the 1979 Pulitzer Prize deliberations over the methods used in the Chicago Sun-Times' Mirage sting.
David Shaw
An article exploring whether or not deception (i.e. lying about one's identity) is an ethical practice for a journalist.
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