David Savini
Savini led a six-part hidden camera series into security conditions at O'Hare International Airport in Chicago, which won a DuPont award in 2008.
Michael Miner
Miner opines on Jack Fuller's book, News Values, and, among other things journalistic, the Chicago Sun-Times' Mirage Tavern expose of 1978.
The Better Government Association was in on some of the most exciting investigative reporting of yore. But director Andy Shaw says just exposing wrongdoing is no longer enough.
Michael Miner
Miner bemoans the loss to Chicago journalism of the great undercover exposes of earlier years.
Upton Sinclair
The first chapter in the original serial that became Upton Sinclair's "The Jungle."
And Possibly Result in a Good Law, Which Is the Formulation of a Pressing Public Sentiment
Nell Nelson
Commentary on the City Slave Girls series
He Is of the Opinion That Sanitary Laws Backed by a Public Sentiment Will Do a World of Good
Nell Nelson
Commentary on the City Slave Girls series in the Times
Legislation Will Have Little Effect While Education Will Accomplish the Desired End
Nell Nelson
O. H. Horton
Commentary on the paper's City Slave Girls series.
There Is No Salvation of It Unless It Educates The Citizens of a Future Generation
Nell Nelson
Commentary/interview on the Times's City Slave Girls series.
Women Should Seek More Congenial Employment than is Offered By The Shop or Factory
Milton George
Nell Nelson
Commentary on the City Slave Girls series from the Times
Legislation Can Improve the Surroundings but Supply and Demand Must Regulate Wages
Nell Nelson
Commentary on the City Slave Girls series from the Times
He Thinks that the Home Life and Early Education of the Unfortunates Cause the Trouble
Nell Nelson
Commentary by a doctor in the factory neighborhoods on the City Slave Girls series
The Girls Who Work in Tobacco Factories Particularly Arouse His Sympathy and Pity
Charles Gilman Smith
Nell Nelson
Interview-style commentary on the paper's City Slave Girls series on labor conditions for women in the city. Dr. Charles Gilman Smith was mentioned in the series when his card was produced for Nell Nelson to write her contact information on.
His Remedy for the Great Evil is Preventive, not Curative, and Is Found in Education.
Charles L. Hutchinson
A commentary piece on the City Slave Girls series of stories about the labor conditions for female workers in Chicago's factories. Piece is in the form of interview with Charles L. Hutchinson.
J. McGregor Adams Says that Stringent Laws Should be Enacted and Immigration Restricted
J. McGregor
Commentary on the Times's series on female labor conditions in Chicago.
The Trades and Labor Assembly Indorses its White Slave investigation
Various organizations endorse the Times's undercover series on working conditions for women in Chicago.
A Poor Sewing Woman's Story of Pain, Poverty, and Privation, Sickness and Sorrow
Nell Nelson
The Times publishes a letter written in response to the City Slave Girls series, with commentary, as one of two ending follow up articles to Nelson's undercover reporting on working conditions for women in Chicago's factories
They want Neither Pity, Charity, Nor Tracts but Practical instruction
Nell Nelson
Nell Nelson follows up her undercover reporting on the working conditions for women in Chicago's factories with a critique of the education provided to most children who enter the labor force as teenagers, particular the education provided to girls.
A "Times" Reporter Gets into a Paper Box Manufactory That Puzzles and Bewilders Him
Nell Nelson
The final article in the "Nell Nelson" undercover series looks at a paper box factory, and also responds to criticism of the series itself.
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