"Begging as an Avocation" - Viola Roseboro - New York World

"Begging as an Avocation" - Viola Roseboro - New York World

An Adventurous Woman Goes Out Asking Alms in the Street; She Borrows Some Old Clothes; Sneaks Out of the House and Faces the World; Sixty-three Cents for a Half Day's Toil; Not a Very Hard Business; Men Didn't Contribute but Women Were Victims

by: Viola Roseboro | publication date: December 11, 1887 | Publication: New York World | pages: 11:1

"I went begging. I don't mean I got contributions to buy red flannels for the wild Africana, or sold tickets for a benefit to be given in aid of the widows and oprhans of deceased messenger boys, but that I went begging on the street in rags. I did it to find out what begging as a profession is like. ... "

Viola Roseboro spends half a day in the guise of a beggar asking alms on New York's streets.

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