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Sunday, March 9, 1997
Can Reporters Lie About Who They Are? The Food Lion Jury Says No.
Saturday, March 1, 1997
Rather than attacking courts for unfavorable outcomes like the one in the Food Lion case, journalists should face up to their own shortcomings and be more careful in their reporting.
Saturday, March 1, 1997
The Greatest Muckrakers Avoided Stunts
Tuesday, January 28, 1997
Wednesday, January 1, 1997
Monday, January 1, 1996
"Prime-Time Live" popularized the use of hidden cameras and local stations rely on them for dramatic, high-impact footage. Their prevalence has provoked debate over how and whether they should be used – and lawsuits.
Saturday, April 1, 1995
"Week in Sweatshop Reveals Grim Conspiracy of the Poor"
Sunday, March 12, 1995
Hitman, porn surfer, drug dealer, cop. Eric Szatkowski is a new breed of detective with a face for every crime.
Sunday, January 1, 1995
"They Show How '90s Trends Can Make Work Grimmer for Unskilled Workers"
Thursday, December 1, 1994
Producers are unsung, unknown - and essential to the success of television news-magazines
Thursday, December 1, 1994
Thursday, December 1, 1994
Thursday, May 19, 1994
Sunday, May 1, 1994
A Meatpacking Firm Is Suing CBS Over a Covert Operation
Friday, April 1, 1994
Wednesday, February 9, 1994
A Marketing Giant Uses Its Sales Prowess to Profit on Poverty -- Thorn EMI's REntal Centers Push Sofas, Rings, VCRs tothe Poor at High Rates -- Repos and 'Couch Payments'
Wednesday, September 22, 1993
Sunday, August 29, 1993
For Thousands of Dallas Workers, Dangerous, Low-Paying Temporary Jobs Have Become a Permanent Way of Life
Thursday, July 15, 1993
Ride Along on Dallas' Midnight Express to Mexico to Monterrey.
Thursday, June 24, 1993
More than 450 projects were entered in this year's IRE awards contest. A panel from the IRE Board of Directors and other journalists elected by IRE members served as judges. Here are the award winners along with tips and advice culled from the entry forms they submitted with their stories.
Saturday, May 1, 1993
There is then, in Hine's early work, an implicit counter statement to the Progressive reformist ideology he embraces - a subtle but nonetheless distinct resistance to the tendency of reformers to make objects of their underclass 'cases.'
Friday, January 1, 1993
A Tale of Street People
Thursday, December 17, 1992
In Melting Pot Class, Everyone Hates Quotas
Thursday, November 19, 1992
"I'm a Reporter - Not a Narc"
Thursday, November 19, 1992
Thursday, November 19, 1992
High School - The Social Scene: At a Party, Classmates Ask the New Girl, 'Are You a Narc?'
Wednesday, November 18, 1992
How Teachers Battle the Odds; Creative Minds Try to Compensate for a Devastating Budget
Tuesday, November 17, 1992
How to Talk Like a Kid
Tuesday, November 17, 1992
Talking Sex: High Fives for Virgins
Tuesday, November 17, 1992
A Counselor's Overwhelming Battle
Tuesday, November 17, 1992
Firsthand Look at an S.F. High School
Monday, November 16, 1992
Why Chronicle Reporter Posed as a Student
Monday, November 16, 1992