"The Abortion Profiteers" - Pamela Zekman, Pamela Warrick - Chicago Sun-Times



A five-month investigation, led by Pamela Zekman, into the Michigan Avenue "abortion profiteers," and their dangerous and unsavory, unsanitary practices, including performing the procedure regularly on women who were not pregnant.

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Effects and Outcomes

Grand jury probes followed this five-month investigation and the Sun-Times resolved to stop selling advertising space to clinics because it would not be able to verify their competence. Reporters found that dozens of procedures were performed on women who were not pregnant and others were illegally performed on women who were more than 12 weeks along in their pregnancies. An alarming number of women suffered infections and other complications because of unsanitary conditions at clinics and there were often incompetent and unqualified doctors performing the procedures Clinics also failed to offer critical post-op care and were incompetent at record-keeping.

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