Hilary Baum

Hilary Baum is a pioneer in the movement to bring attention to problems and possibilities of the American food system, and New York in particular. She is the Director of the Baum Forum, a program that includes conferences and seminars focusing on food and agricultural issues, and the President of Public Market Partners. Baum is also the co-founder, with Fern Gail Estrow, of Food Systems Network NYC, a collaborative that brings together representatives from food-related non-profits, government agencies, and private citizens interested in the worlds of: food safety and food justice; farmers' markets; public markets; agricultural marketing programs; and community supported agriculture. Her childhood and early life, however, took place in a more rarified corner of the New York food world. Her father, the prescient Joe Baum, was the force behind The Four Seasons, Windows on the World, and The Rainbow Room—places that redefined what restaurants and the restaurant experience could be. Through her parents, she met legendary figures in that world like James Beard, a family friend.